The Economy - Biodiversity Connection (#TheGreenTrack)

The Economy - Biodiversity Connection (#TheGreenTrack)

It is not only important to understand how today's economy drove biodiversity loss, but to know how an economy that supports flourishing species is structured. In this workshop we will create visions about alternative ways of organising this economy.

The aim of the event is to shift focus from what does not work in the economy today to ideas for how the economy can be structured in alternative ways. This is a digital workshop where we come up with ideas about a sustainable economy through exercises and discussions. We highlight the importance the economy has for the well being of society and nature and search for new ideas and solutions. We will go through the economy of today but above all give space to visions of an economy that prioritizes the well being of people and planet. We want the participants to end the workshop with a more open mind.

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About #TheGreenTrack:
Our natural world is in danger and we need everybody – industry, businesses, governments, civil society and citizens - to come together and commit to ambitious action to save it. Young people in particular have the power to make a difference and to build a future where people can live in harmony with nature.

#TheGreenTrack campaign mobilises young people in the fight to protect and restore our natural world.

The Green Track Stops events amplify young voices and give visibility to their environmental activities, particularly those on biodiversity and nature protection. Read more and check out other upcoming events!

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